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[IMAGE] Target Rich board.

Target Rich is a team-based tactical card game set in a peaceful 23rd century, where bounty hunting has become the biggest spectator sport on Earth!

In teams of two, players assume the roles of these Hunters, combining their impressive abilities in a high-stakes duel only a bookie would love!

Represented by decks, players can synergize their Hunters’ abilities and create an INFINITE number of strategies to collect the bounties of any team brave enough to step on one of the game’s unique stages!

Slam someone into a speeding train? Done. Teleport a killing machine behind your opponent? Done. Shoot the gift of music from a country mile away?


Target Rich is currently in development, projected to be completed sometime in 2021. Originally designed for tabletops worldwide, the global pandemic naturally changed some plans, so the game needs a little more time in the oven as it’s being developed by one person in their spare time (as was this site!)

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play! For more information about accessing the Alpha, visit my Discord (Tabletop Simulator required)! 

Until then, by all means, take a stroll around the site! Get to know our not-so-beloved Hunters, familiarize yourself with the stages, or become a legit expert after reading the manual!

And don’t forget to follow @Dynavolta for the latest news and material regarding the future’s most popular attraction, because after all…

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