\\ A Pax Gaia Historical Society Presentation_

Timeline of the near future

The Privatization of Water

Natural water becomes commodified in a campaign spearheaded by the world's first trillionaire to amass further wealth in the dying days of capitalism.

21st Century

The Final War

The increased scarcity of public water causes long-held tensions between global superpowers to erupt at the start of the 22nd Century, resulting in an apocalyptic conflict that left the world in total ruin.

Experienced by no living human today, this conflict is retroactively referred to as "The Final War".


The Reset

Estimated to be the equivalent of 500 years of human progress lost, the Final War resulted in complete societal collapse, giving way to a lawless, nationless era retroactively referred to as "The Reset".

Ruthless and unpredictable, the Reset established several new norms for humanity -- including bounty hunting, later shortened to "Hunting".


The United

The United, an alliance of influential community leaders during the Reset, is formed.

Promoting a vision of global prosperity to save humanity from self-inflicted extinction, the United would successfully mend the fractured remnants of society in 2137, formally ending the Reset.


The Comeback / Pax Gaia

Having experienced the world both before and after the Final War, The United proceeded with a bold new campaign to prevent history from repeating itself: The Comeback.

These pivotal years saw dramatic changes such as the abolishment of borders, the eradication of several social illnesses, and the promotion of education as humanity collectively built a better, kinder world -- Pax Gaia.


Pax Regional System

To address the needs of fledgling communities throughout the newly-reconfigured Earth, Pax Gaia establishes a regional classification system according to climate for rapid response. The regions, latitudinal from north to south, include:

1 - Very Cold
2 - Cold
3 - Temperate
4 - Hot
5 - Very Hot
6 - Hot
7 - Temperate
8 - Cold
9 - Very Cold

Hunting re-emerges.


Universal Currency

Universal Currency (UC), a centless form of payment, is implemented throughout Pax Gaia.

Hunting grows.


Nova Verde

The first city of Pax Gaia, Nova Verde, is established.

Other global settlements would submit their official names during the year.

Hunting THRIVES.



On July 3rd, 2154, [REDACTED] commits the first recorded murder in Pax Gaia. Penalty unknown.



2155 A.D.


130 Years later.

\\ TRANSMISSION ON_ 16.08.2285 / 16:20_

Welcome to the 80s, baby! Yes, the world is STILL turnin’!

Though we’ve since achieved a peace unknown to recorded history, we’re all still human, right?

We’ll always have problems.

But THIS time around, modern problems are followed by modern solutions!

And thus, our apparently inherent aggression continues to thrive by a new means:

A violent hybrid of spectator sport and conflict resolution, bounty hunting has evolved into a global phenomenon!

Extremely dangerous, yet extremely encouraged, what stands between this pastime inherited from our darkest era and an otherwise peaceful society is unprecedented oversight, courtesy of modern leadership!

No bullets on your balconies!

Now, all this considered: Why risk so much? Why become a Hunter?

C’mon cottonbottoms, do I gotta spell it out?

So, what are YOU waiting for, citizen? Sleep it off and ready that routin’ number! It’s time to GET RI–

\\ TRANSMISSION OFF_ 16.08.2285 / 16:21_

A game by RD Ash