The Fightline series began in 2014 as an online Street Fighter tournament between a group of friends. Several players and hundreds of matches later, it has since grown into a grassroots charity effort, raising funds for a series of causes. Now presented by Altpalette, the Fightline brand continues to deliver the most exciting events this side of the Internet.

And the best part?

YOU can help!


Fightline in its current form exists as a battle between two teams, led by two predetermined captains.

When a player registers for the event, they are automatically added to a pool from which the two captains will draft to fill their respective teams. This draft takes place on our official Discord once the maximum amount of players for the event has been reached.

Once all players are drafted and the pool is emptied, match types and card placements are determined.


Then, we fight.


Fightline events are contests where players attempt to score points for their teams by winning their matches on the event card. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins!

As the event is played for charity, in addition to viewer donations, the captains of each team will donate a predetermined amount (USD) to the given charity each time the opposing team scores.

Regardless of who wins, everyone wins!


Fightline likes to do things a little differently from the usual fighting game competition. Here are the ways players can make the most out of their experience:

A match where the first player to win three games (FT3) is declared the victor. Character switching allowed!

A match where players cannot switch characters. Perfect for a pure, honest fight!

A match where players can ban three characters each. See who *truly* knows the game!

A match where players must select the same (available) character. An avenue for specialists to settle the score!

A match where each game is first to 3 rounds, with each round being 60 seconds. Here, fundamentals rule!

A first-to-five games match where the loser cannot enter the next Fightline event. Settle the feud!

Up to two non-standard matches can appear on a single Fightline card, and each must come with the approval of both team captains to be officially sanctioned. Make them count!


As all Fightline matches are played over the Internet, connections can (and will) be unpredictable. In the event of a sudden disconnect, the winning player at the time can either chose to claim the game as their own or replay it. As exemplary sportsmanship is valued in our scene, replaying the match will earn the player a special recognition going forward!

Assuming you’ve read all the above: Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

If you answered ‘yes’, LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER!